My name is Roberto Fustini and I was born in Bologna, Italy.

But Bologna was no more than a starting point: as is often the case, the importance of your origins lies in how and how much they prepare and stimulate you to go beyond yourself. In search of a contact, of a link with what is different from you.

That’s how it was in the places I have lived, and most of all in those that I have visited and loved.

That’s how it was also in my personal training, pieced together like a kaleidoscope of fragments of all the decades I have lived through, as well as for my cultural training, thanks to my passion for European literature and poetry, but also for North and South-American fiction, that of Japan and beyond.

I believe in the possible compenetration of all means of expression – cinema and theatre, music and the figurative arts – and in their potential, precious combination. I place no limits on myself that have no real relevance, and so I believe myself to be an explorer and scientist of emotions through time and worlds near and far.

The form of transversality which I believe to be most important is in fact that of the emotional and thematic sphere.

Ho pubblicato con Fefè Editore Il macellaio (2008) e Storia di Milli (2010)

Da indipendente ho pubblicato il romanzo La cellula dormiente (2014), i racconti (Fenomenologia de) l’abbandono e Lost weekend (2016)

La trilogia di racconti Oltre la montagna (2017/2018)

Giant Man, Piazza pulita e La quinta dimensione I. Esplorare le dimensioni (2023)